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 Hand picked Louisiana peppers.

Winner of THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - Houston Hot Sauce Festival - 2000!




     Hot Pickled Peppers
      Our colorful mix of Chile peppers: 
   Jalapenos, Hungarian Hot Wax, 
        Fresno Red, and Caribbean Yellow. 

                        available whole or sliced

  Our Prize Winning Chiapas Mexican Salsa  

  Authentic Mexican recipe from the state of 
  Chiapas located in extreme southern Mexico. 

Peoples Choice Award - Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2000


Made with fully ripe Roma tomatoes, 
our own homegrown  veggies, and our 
secret recipe made up of true traditional 
Mexican herbs and spices.


Tastes like no other Salsa on the American Market, 
unique and delicious!

Winner of
Peoples Choice Award 
Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2000

Salsa as it was meant to be!!!

Available Hot, Medium, and Mild                          


Chow Chow Relish - A southern favorite for generations! This relish is an old Dutch recipe made with chopped cabbage, onion, bell pepper, carrot, jalapeno and Cajun spices. Great on hot dogs and sandwiches, add to potato, tuna, or chicken salad for a zestful change.  Available hot & mild

              Another recipe from south of the border,                  
              Winner Of  THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD
              HOUSTON HOT SAUCE FESTIVAL 2001&2002
Hot & Mild

Another southern favorite; crispy young cucumbers packed in a sweet vinegar brine and cajun spices.

HABANERO PEPPER JELLYSOMETHING NEW! A flavorful array of jellies with habanero heat. Available , but not limited to BLUEBERRY-STRAWBERRY-BLACKBERRY-MANGO-PINEAPPLE

CHIPOTLE PEPPER JELLY  A full line of new jellies made with smoked jalapenos! Available in 3 flavors


BLACK BEAN SALSA- Another recipe from Chiapas, Mexico! Kettle cooked black beans with roma tomatoes, green onion, jalapenos, red wine vinegar, lime juice, herbs & spices.

Sundance Pepper Sauce - Our new line of hot sauces


Our chipotle pepper sauce is made with mesquite smoked red jalapenos!

Our pineapple pepper sauce is habanero with crushed pineapple!




Neopolitan Marinara Sauce

Marinara simply means "sailor style". When the early explorers of America brought the tomato back to Italy, it was initially rejected as a food source, being a member of the nightshade family. Tradition gives the city of Naples the distinct honor of the tomatoes early acceptance and culinary growth. From which we present our authentic "OLD WORLD" recipe.

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